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Senior Bridging Programme

• Children from the Shelter Programme are either returned to their families or relatives, or graduate to the Senior Bridging programme.
• This programme aims to address the unique needs of the older youth in the shelter whose social, behaviour and job skills need to be intensively and individually groomed so they can re-enter the community as contributory and independent people.
• Assistance with tertiary education and post-school training is a key component of this programme
• In recent years this the number of such children has grown significantly with some success stories we are proud of.

Women’s drop-in community project

While Twilight Children has mainly focused on the boy child, it was decided that the issue of young women living and working in the streets could not be ignored.

A small drop-in programme was started for girls and local community members-women who are involved in various income generating projects. While we do not provide accommodation for this target group, we have in some instances been successful in family reunification and admission to women’s shelters in the city.

This programme will require additional funding as the capacity increases. It is our vision to expand this initiative as it serves the main purposes of skills development and offers a life style alternative to young women. We intend to build up a large client base for the retail of our beads products, curios and corporate gifts.

Additionally, the sewing project has been initiated to provide skills training diversity. It includes the manufacture of clothing items such as skirts, tops, cushions and trendy shoulder denim bags.


The senior boys are provided with life and social skills training and suitable job skills training is provided by technikons, community colleges, grass roots development agencies or by prospective employers.

  • Outings to the Market Theatre, art galleries, cinemas, concerts, picnics and holiday camps
  • Attendance of church services
  • Participation in clean-up operations in and around Johannesburg
  • Parties Birthdays, Christmas and community days

I T Centre/Gymnasium and Sporting Activities

We have a fully equipped IT centre.

Participation in sporting activities is paramount to a balanced healthy way of life. As such, we have a functional gymnasium with equipment kind donated by Virgin Active. Other sporting activities include soccer, swimming, mini rugby and athletics.

Education and Training

Education is key in the development of the boys. Priority is placed in this programme. All the boy are enrolled in education institutions to take part in formal schooling. In the case where the boys have either completed formal school or are unable to take part in formal schooling (usually due to lack of identity documents), they are enrolled in other training activities. These may include computer and library training.

We recognise the importance of formal and informal education provided to the boys. All attempts are made to include them in the formal system, while also, extensive efforts are made through special activities to facilitate healthy interaction amongst the boys. This includes trips, sport and other events.

Life Skills

Training is provided on sexual practices and in other aspects of life skills such as interpersonal and communication skills.

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