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Titos Mabunda

I Titos Mabunda I was admitted to Twilight Children on the 15th of December 2009. I brought myself to the shelter as I was homeless living on the street of Johannesburg. I originate from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga province.


I regard myself to be unique- those who disagree with this- just consider this; I am the only child from twilight who did Science subjects in high school and pass to the extent that I qualified to do Engineering degree at University. I have secured funding to pay my fees, books, residence and meals for the year of 2013 on my own. By the age of 18 years I completed my matric.

I am self-motivated, the fact that I know what I want out of this world that's good enough to motivate me. But I still have people who motivate me. Peoples who are detractors, who hate me because I accomplished what they could not. It sad to know that instead of such people being motivated to work and also achieve such milestone as attaining matric certificates. They offer me instead is advice that is often irrelevant and unsolicited. I also face judgement in being told to achieve seven distinctions or else I am I will not succeed in life.
It is sad that people resort to using their god given talent to predict Power Ball Lottery numbers instead of investing in personal development.

Every morning I walk into that DFC University of Johannesburg gate I found my student card with the student number 201302699 working I'm blessed... what others say about me doesn't matters, I'm not even supposed to be here, I'm just a kid from TK south in Nelspruit. This is the only reason YOU will not see that day when I surrender to YOU.


2010 I enrolled at New Nation School that is where all the Twilight Children attend school. It caters from grade R up to grade 12. The end of 2012 was the end of my grade 12- the end of my high school. I really had good and bad time at Twilight Children. The year 2012 had to be good time, I was in grade 12, I looked forward to going to University, and I had pocket money of only R30.00 per week. All the eyes were on us grade 12's: myself, Cappuccino, Mehluli, Tent and Cebo.

The years 2010 and 2011 had horrible and hard times for me because. The common way to be stopped from doing something that was regarded to be braking UMTHETHO (law) was to be chased away from the shelter. I would sometimes sleep outside often if it happens on a Friday, you will be only allowed to come back on Monday the following week, and that's only if the social worker is at work on that Monday.
I lived under pressure and fear during this time. My challenge was that the rules stated that we should be in bed by 9 PM and all light should be off. Switching the light-on would be breaking the rules. The consequences for breaking the rule were dire, so I would choose not to. To add to my woes, at the time the library was the TV room in the evenings, so I could not study there.

2013 this was my favoured year; I got admitted to University of Johannesburg. I got a bursary from MQA during my first week of lecturers, I moved to stay at university residence the freedom began but unfortunately I have never been to any party because Engineering is taking-up 90% of my daily time "lol"...! but well, it was worth it because I passed all my 9 modules in the year 2013.
2014, I am battling with second year looking forward to kill the course....................!

Reach out and Support The Tertiary Education Boys, They Need our support!

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