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The Formation of Twilight Children

Twilight Children was formed in 1983 as a direct response to the situation children living on the streets were experiencing. Based on the work of a number of volunteers what was originally a soup kitchen was extended to become a shelter.

• A developmental philosophy was adapted and additional elements have been added over the years-such as skills training. The metamorphosis, driven by strong principles and governance has transformed us into a recognised child and youth care centre.

• Partnerships with stakeholders have been built over the years ranging from, Government and Municipal Social Departments to other local and international donors. This has ensured our continued functionality in pursuit of the critical goals.

• Historically, the outreach programme (soup kitchen) was the foremost component of Twilight Children-most of the recruits for the shelter and the skills training come from this programme. However, with the new Child Care Act being implemented further transformation is occurring.

• Twilight Children is a registered non-profit organisation (No. 003-917 NPO) and is registered with the Department of Social Development.

• We are also a PBO Public Benefit Organisation registered with SARS-South African Revenue Service – PBO# 930007628

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