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Shelter Programme

The Twilight Children Shelter programme is a voluntary residential facility for children who no longer wish to reside on the streets or live in unsuitable potentially traumatic environment.

• During their stay in the shelter, Twilight Children assumes the role of 'parents' to these children and provides for their physical and emotional needs.

• We help extensively with the reunification of Children with their parents or suitable family members. We house these children at Twilight Children and allow them to go to school.

• Where contact has been established with suitable family member and the boys are willing to go and visit them we facilitate and encourage such visits especially during the holidays.

• Naturally, for this purpose they are given transport money and where possible food parcels and an allowance for the family in general.

Children are looked after by child care and social workers 24 hour a day. Their role is to provide sustainable environment to ensure the successful rehabilitation, back into mainstream society, of these marginalised youngsters.

• As a policy, all our boys attend formal school in Johannesburg. However-in this regard, we face a number of challenges and some of our boys are unable to attend school, usually because of documentation.

• Such boys are enrolled in the skills programmes run internally such as the pottery, bakery or beads projects. In addition, the boys are allowed to pursue social, religious and cultural activities necessary for their holistic personal growth.

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